IL from Melbourne, Australia

Hi Kirk, I purchased your Plane Talk DVD / Book a few months ago and have just finished working through it. It has certainly opened my understanding & given be a fresh approach to everything I now attempt. Thank you.

ML from Colorado, USA

Hello Kirk, Thanks so much for putting your book & DVD together for us. It is super. It is 100% the way I think now.

MJ from Finland

After reading your book and watching the DVD, a thought struck me. I felt like Robert Johnson must have felt after returning from the Crossroads. At least metaphorically. So many dots have been connected and so many lightbulbs have been blinking like crazy, it is truly mind-boggling. I'll be forever in debt to you,,,,,, A heartfelt THANK YOU for doing all this incredible work!

Vic McCullagh from UK

Hello Kirk, I have just received Planetalk and have given the video a run through whilst scanning the book and I will now spend the rest of the evening going through them in depth. It punches a straightforward approach right out of the page and screen. Excellent work, I can't wait to get going. Please enrol me on the Planetalk Forum so I can scoop up more lessons and meet the rest of the crew. Thanks for sending me this.I feel I have given not a lot of money for such a priceless gift. Vic

JW Anderson from Iowa, USA

Your dvd, book and slide rule absolutely 100% work! I'm being more creative and actually not frustrated at playing guitar. Seriously Kirk thank you! I wish I would have bought your system years ago when I first found out about it. Also I enjoy your to the point teaching method. You're upfront and honest and it's refreshing. And now music theory makes sense to me, I've tried with so many teachers and so many books and always fallen flat on my face. Thank you so much! If you would like me to write a review for you I would gladly do it! I'm starting to think there's something magic in the water in the land of Aus. I've only scratched the surface on my playing, but I'm starting to improvise just a week later and some how my hands and head know where to go instead of having to sit and count frets or pull up a fret app to figure out where I am and what I'm doing. Seriously thank you!

FH from Canada

Enjoying the brain shift and feeling a new comfort on the fret board. Thanks for finding the simplicity and showing all of us. Cheers Mate.

Rusty from Sydney, Australia

G'day Kirk, Well I'm just over one year into my Planetalk adventure and have been reflecting on the journey so far. I had been playing guitar for roughly 40 years when I stumbled onto Kirk's Planetalk site by chance. The last 20 of those years, at least, had seen my guitar playing stagnate technically, theoretically and musically.

I had practiced classical guitar in school for about a year, then after hearing Neil Young's Harvest album I got into steel string acoustic guitar. I'm mostly self taught. I'd never practiced scales and mostly learnt by playing along with whatever album I was into at the time. I had worked out some shapes that I followed when soloing without knowing what a pentatonic scale was. Most of my soloing was just following chord shapes hammering on and off within common bar chords which worked until the chord or key changed. I had studied theory at times and learnt how to construct chords but that was about it. None of the theory was embedded in such a way that I could rely on it or remember it. The inevitable dud note was ever only a heartbeat away. Then I stumbled onto Planetalk.

I sincerely thank you Kirk for your generosity in sharing your knowledge. Learning the PT way has completely reinvigorated my guitar playing and made it a joyous experience again.

newstyle24 from PlaneTalkers' Forum

I stand in back of the line that stretches miles long to say thank you. My username represented only half of the tapes and books I purchased over the years and yours stands on top. Its the real deal for those who wonder about this course.

PT from Vietnam

Hi Kirk, I have received the PlaneTalk package this morning & can't stop reading , and found out that this is what I am looking for a long time. You and your great music project have light-up my mind and now I can say that I 've got the key to open the door of the guitar fretboard matrix and freely swim on it. I don't know how to express my gratefulness to you, thank you very much and I wish all the best to you & your belongs.

Dreyvan from PlaneTalkers' Forum

Hello Kirk, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the book and the two DVD's which I received yesterday. I stayed up till late last night and I went through the book and both the DVD's... through all the stuff you sent. I am thrilled to realise that there is hope in my being able to play the guitar now with some originality! I always did get discouraged because of all the theories and scales and modes etc... and so despite my passion for music and guitaring I have not made much progress over the last couple of decades other than playing a few known chords a little rhythm and some cover leads. So Really! Thank you for all this wonderful work! Appreciate it from the bottom of my heart!!

Brian from Wales, UK (posted at the forum)

Kirk, just wanted to say that I've been using PT for about a month now and I am just having a ball. I've been going through your lessons, and they are just so interesting. I've just been through the one on licks and it made me laugh with the sheer joy of it. Brilliant!... I think your ideas about how to see the guitar are increasingly out there - I'd guess that in 50 years everyone will be doing it. I just thought I'd use this space to give you my thanks and feedback, Regards, Brian

Jose'phus from USA posted at PlaneTalkers' forum

It was like a breath of fresh air. I'm 67, and I've spent the better part of my life hunting for the right book, course, or teacher, that could once and for all, help me understand the guitar well enough to start really playing it. Then, while watching a beautifully produced video on 'You Tube' entitled 'The Caged System Explained,' I thought I may have found it all in one place. When the package arrived, and I read the book, it was confirmed. It was worth every penny. I'm starting out again, but this time with a good map and a great teacher. I'm excited again about the guitar. Congratulations, Kirk on your find, and the extraordinary way you can so clearly convey it to the rest of us, who were lucky enough to cross paths with you. I'll see you at the forum. Respectfully: Jose'phus, Ca.

Skcollob from UK (posted at the PlaneTalkers' Forum)

I'm really pleased to find a technique that will allow me the fluidity and freedom of the fretboard. The accoustic guitar is my passion but I produce also with electronica. I have a feeling this method and approach of Kirks is going to have me moving forward in leaps and bounds. I can play very complicated pieces but struggle when improvising with such real time accuracy, scales just leave me going up and down like a garden swing. Already im working through the book and I like its language, its format and its connection to theory, im learning all the way. Thanks to Plane Talk.

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