Orlando from Switzerland

Hello Kirk I work day and night on your wonderful work: "Plane Talk" After more than 50 years!! (I study on Jazz High Schools, and possess a whole library of Guitar-Books, but only now I start really, to play Guitar! thanks Your work! I'm so happy.

Dave Berman from From a LinkedIn recommendation post

Some 45 years after learning to play guitar, I found Plane Talk and it changed everything. Kirk's simple, entertaining book and instructive DVD opened up a whole new way for me to think about and play the guitar that I wouldn't have found on my own.

"Fifolet" from PlaneTalkers' Forum

Haha this is so awesome! I'm having so much fun playing guitar now! Using these diagrams is helping to allow my creativity to flow. Honestly, I just got on the site today and started looking around. I currently reside with my parents (there's worse things for a 20 something millennial living situation wise) but they keep asking how I'm getting so much better so quickly at guitar. I keep saying "It's the book from Australia". Thanks Kirk! This is so much fun! And your book is right, the sounds in my head are actually starting to form through my hands. It's really a giant relief. (Can't help but throw on the praise, this has been a struggle for me for most of my life).

Lorrie from Fort Worth, Texas

Plane Talk is a cleverly illustrated and clearly written book that leap frogs over much of the tedium involved in guitar study. The concept is simple to the point of obvious, once you get it. But it took a professional musician's combined genius for melody, words, and pictures to condense the intricacies of guitar playing down to this simple concept, and into a form we amateurs can quickly understand and utilize. A lifetime's worth of accumulated knowledge has been concisely communicated in this package of book, dvd, and slide rule. In addition, you get access to the forum, where Kirk Lorange creates a friendly space and proves to be open to and patient with beginners' questions. For more advanced players, he's articulate in explaining how the mindset supports theory and an exhaustive study of music.

What was especially thrilling to me was I found myself playing melodic riffs and solos in very short order. The melodies literally make themselves, and suddenly you're improvising. However, don't assume you'll be a guitar god in a week because of Plane Talk. Plane Talk does shave considerable time off of learning to play, but practice is still an integral part. If you're starting as a beginner who knows basic chords, as I did, and you devote some time to practice, you will likely be astounded by your progress.

HT from Singapore

Hi Kirk, I'm (HT) from Singapore. I purchased your Plane Talk package a few months ago and I have to say I'm very happy with it. The way you make playing the guitar so easy to understand is really great. While it may not suit beginners, I know it suits those who are like what I used to be before I got your package. Playing for years but going nowhere in terms of organising all they know about playing guitar. The issue these days is the problem of information overload. Because information is so readily available on the internet and everyone knows everything about everything but it doesn't result in effective playing because they have no 'framework' to put them all together. I feel your system is a good 'framework' for such people. Your method has really developed me to use all areas of the neck and I play with greater fluency and ease. Thanks for putting up this package!

Don from Iowa, USA

Dear Kirk, I have recently purchased your instruction book and DVD. I would like to register for the forum. Thanks for your help. I found the missing piece to the puzzle.

Mark C from South Carolina, USA

Again, I am so glad I found your website. I am seeing immediate results. Incredible insight, the Rosetta Stone for the guitar. Regards,


Mark C from South Carolina, USA

Kirk Got in the mail Brilliant work!


GB from Canada

Hi, Being a 'Canny Scot' I dithered over which tuition scheme to subscribe to. I'm certain now that I chose well with you Kirk. PlaneTalk is excellent. I'm just not suited to learning by rote, I need to know why, Plane Talk explains.

Michael G from NSW, Australia

Hi Kirk, I just received your package yesterday, thank you!

I started reading PlaneTalk today.......I am really impressed, I have played guitar for a number of years and am fairly accomplished but improv has always been my weakness. Even though I have only read up to page 35 what you've said is so obvious (of course you had to work out the obvious) and makes complete sense. I am so glad I bought your book.

Many thanks! Yours, Michael

JV from Ontario, Canada

I just wanted to say that, at first sight, I was not too much impressed. But I read on..., just like the intro suggests. Well, all I did was read it through once, like I read a book, and my playing improved by leaps and bounds.

I have a Hal Leonard book called "Incredible Chord Finder", claiming to have over 1100 guitar chords. Well, I've stared at 21 chords at a time (there are 21 chords on two facing pages at a time) until my eyes went buggy, and it didn't help me very much at all. But reading through of your book just once has opened up the fretboard for me.

.... Now I'm impressed: I mean really impressed.

I also have a copy of Guitar Afficionado's "The Collection"; a volume showing famous guitars and guitar collections. Planetalk has replaced that as my favorite guitar book. Of course, once I get good maybe I'll dream about these famous guitars again, but for now my own is full of wonderful possibilities, thanks to PlaneTalk.

with appreciation, JohnV

VB from Victoria, Australia

Hi there Well like most people I'm a bit blow away. You'll be my teacher from here on in. So many thanks it's brilliant to say the least. Not enough superlatives to describe it. Cheers, (VB)

JJ from Texas, USA

Hello Mr. Lorange. Thank you for your wonderful book and DVD. Your method is very eye-opening to say the least. I thank you for sharing your discovery with the musical world of guitar.

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