Tia from Moe, Australia

Hi Kirk. Just bought Plane talk. Struggled for years to grasp the fret board. I am a visual person and INSTANTLY GOT IT, after reading/watching plane talk!

Tony from Sussex, England (posted at the PlaneTalkers' Forum)

My biggest fear when I was thinking about buying was that it would be just something else that I couldn't really do - I don't think that I am naturally vary talented - but I am analytical, and I have gained far more from your course than I ever expected. It has opened up possibilities to me that I never dreamed of, I couldn't understand how other really good players ever managed to learned all the notes on the fretboard. I tried and tried but it never stuck in my head - and then all the scales (I never got as far as modes). When you explained that there is only really one scale and that all the others are variations, I was amazed - it's so much easier to remember a few variations than to try to start to remember all the scales that other teachers lay out in their methods. Your Slide Rule has everything that you NEED, it's not the only guitar slide rule there is but it just covers the essentials which means it is actually very useful.

My fears of not being good enough to learn your method were unfounded, but not only that, the "trick" that you teach has made me think in a different way and has started lines of thought which you never mention, although I'm sure that you know them. Your teaching method is very sound, none of the videos of "second finger, third fret" - you are teaching us how to THINK, not just follow tablature. Sure, you teach tunes on your free GuitarforBeginnersandBeyond web site and that's great but that it not what PlaneTalk is about. Most of all I am just amazed at your commitment and dedication to helping others learn what you know - and your energy. It's an honour to learn from you and all your years as a professional working musician.

givourot from BC, Canada (posted at the PlaneTalkers' Forum)

Well, it has been about 10 days since I received the course. What an amazingly approachable learning tool Planetalk is. I have made sure to make time to play everyday ( not quite true, I WANT to play all the time now ) . I had been in a massive rut guitar wise. Page 33.... awesome. I caught myself studying a chord sheet from a guitar magazine and seeing the shapes. I can't unsee them now.

Julio P from New Jersey, USA

Plane Talk...sheer genius my friend. It has already helped me expand my knowledge of the fret board by maybe 10 light years.

6string from PlaneTalkers' Forum

It should be mandatory that all guitars come with Plane Talk.

Rob Woodworth from Ontario, Canada

Hey Kirk (sorry for the long winded email)

Just wanted to shoot you an email to let you know how grateful I am that you took the time to write "Plane Talk" and made it available to everyone who has an interest in actually playing the guitar. My name is Rob and I am a member of the forum but not exactly "active" and use it occasionally to check on the content or view any bits I might have missed along the way as I learn your method.

I have been holding my guitar in my hands for about 30 years and have (through rigorous practise) learned the odd song that I am quite proud of. This was mostly accomplished by learning basic and advanced chords when I was younger and hours upon hours of learning to memorize what fret to put my fingers on to play a lead bit from one of my favorite bands - Rush. Eventually I found the minor pentatonic scale where I was "set free" to blast out endless amounts of gibberish that somewhat resembled a lead that the pro's played. Having only taken a year of lessons when I was a kid I was quite proud of the fact that I was a "fretboard master" in my 30's - or at least I thought I was. When I turned 40, I decided that a few more lessons were necessary to complete my training so I turned to Jazz where all of my musical dreams were sure to come to reality. I would now put the final pieces of the puzzle together and release the player that was locked up inside of me.... "yeah, right". I spent probably 4 or 5 years learning scales and modes and a few neat chords too from some very highly touted books and took another year of lessons from a private teacher. All of this time I could not play a lick better than when I started. My head was aching with notes that could not be added up to anything that was even remotely musical unless I memorized the tune from a page. Frustrating... but practice helped a bit. I was good enough to play with my old high school buddies so we decided to start a rock band and played at local pubs and fundraisers.I figured things were going in the right direction as I was getting a lot of attention for my blistering minor leads (in major key songs) and my chording was getting spot on with the the development of my ear and of course... the help of the internet.

I was getting quite good at using my "axe" but was finding out that I actually had no clue how to play it. Back to the internet and.... enter the Kirk Lorange Plane Talklessons! For a few years I glanced occasionally in your direction assuming it was another predictable site filled with somewhat good material that might lead me to "become the greatest player of all time" but only at the cost of dedicating the rest of my life to it. In fact, I was taken by your "Guitar for beginners and beyond" and it was there that you peaked my interest through your fingerstyle lessons and brought me around to the ordering of "Plane Talk".

The biggest problem I was having with my playing was being able to play a simple song and to know what and how to play something musical with it. After reading your book (just part of it), I was able to pick up my guitar and play a melody line that sounded like a song you would hear on the radio. I can truly say that now, after about a year of your book, I have a "pretty good view of the fretboard and can play along with just about any song that I can hum or sing and actually know what I'm doing. Most importantly I am able to come up with thoughtful solos on the spot that follow the chords - not just playing the box with no idea of what comes next. Your "melody love chord tones" saying could not be any closer to the mark. I've found that learning the 3 different shapes and applying them to all of the chords in a song allows me to intertwine the melody over the entire fretboard. Consequentially, this has sparked my ears to hear sounds I've heard from the past (from songs) that allow me to fully understand how they became written in the first place. This definitely was what I was missing all along. Now every time I pick up the guitar to practise I play a chord and all of the chord tones and shapes that follow it. Each time I play I become more familiar with the guitar and the sounds I can produce. I have now gone back to the songs I learned by ear, (the ones I put my finger on a certain fret to memorized the solo without a clue what I was doing) and have figured out how easy it is to play now and how wrong I was before. This has opened up so many options in my playing and given me the confidence to play very difficult and sweet sounding melodies. I thought that this was the greatest gift I could ever have as a guitar player....

My 14 year old daughter has developed an interest in music and I have been teaching her for about 4 years now. Mostly I've taught her some chords, a few solos and some fingerstyle. After I learned your method I started teaching her the shapes and chord tones (hope you don't mind). I showed her how to connect them and have added in different chords. I've found teaching the 1,3,5's lead to adding the 2's and 6's to the melody followed by the 4's and 7's (major or dominant). Simple! You play the chord tones and connect them with the other numbers. Now we are playing together and learning together and having so much fun unravelling the mysteries of the guitar. We can play tunes and and play their melody lines by ear or improvise using our own styles. The sky's the limit! Oh gosh, I wish I had learned this when I was young. Still, at 49 I feel like I've learned a new language and can play anything and everything and most importantly can play with anyone - especially my daughter.

This is by far the greatest gift I could ever wish for.

Kirk, you have my sincere gratitude. Just wanted you to know.

Thank you so very, very much.

'Nirond' from YouTube comment at the CAGED lesson page

i would like to thank you MR Kirk , YES your book to me is making a miracle it is turn water in wine , i was damn blind and your book and the DVD opened my eyes, i just read once and this is so powerful that en-light me , when i play scale does not sounds scale anymore but melodic stuff omg if i new this thing when i started i would be a god these days thank you

Sean McDaid from Ireland (posted on Facebook)

Highly recommend this course to anyone - got mine with the blues slide & DVD 8 days later after ordering in Ireland from Australia!!! Excellent service. Made sense from the first page. Has & will be a reference for the reminder of my playing days. Get it!!!

Orlando from Switzerland

Hello Kirk

I work day and night on your wonderful work: "Plane Talk"

After more than 50 years!! (I study on Jazz High Schools, and possess a whole library of Guitar-Books, but only now I start really, to play Guitar!

thanks Your work!

I'm so happy.

Dave Berman from From a LinkedIn recommendation post

Some 45 years after learning to play guitar, I found Plane Talk and it changed everything. Kirk's simple, entertaining book and instructive DVD opened up a whole new way for me to think about and play the guitar that I wouldn't have found on my own.

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