Dave from Sheffield, UK

I've been playing Guitar for 50 years and totally knocked out with this book. It's the best inspirational book I've ever bought, it's taught more about the guitar fretboard in 1 hour than I have learned in all the years I have played. Thank you so much

J Hunter from Texas, USA

PlaneTalk arrived last week. It's a fantastic work, and I'm so excited by its contents. I've been suspecting, by a series of accidents, that this was a viable way to access guitar theory and I am relieved beyond belief to see confirmation and instruction for this approach. I can't thank you enough.

John H from Western Australia, Australia

thank you for Plane Talk and all the fingerstyle stuff on your website, how I wish I had found this about 20 years ago. Apart from a few lessons many many years ago I'm self taught and after years of hopeless online lessons had given away the idea of ever being able to improvise. You have changed my thinking completely.

Joe F from Jacksonville Beach, Florida, USA

Hi Kirk ~ Wish I found you years ago. Would have saved me a lot of needless fretting.

Excellent work. Kudos!

S Whitworth from Australia - Posted on Facebook

Beautifully done Kirk. Got your instructional package last week and it has changed my life. In fact, it will probably add another ten years to it, as I am so excited to be finally doing the one thing I was meant to do with it.

Keith Willie from Georgia, USA (posted at Facebook)

Just got this and worked on it over the weekend. I would say this is better than any lessons I have taken in the past, and has moved me to a new level.

Pete W from NSW, Australia

Received the package about a week ago and it's brilliant!!! It sort of "crystallises" all of the theories that have been thrown around over the years into one simple and totally flexible structure. I wish I'd seen it years ago!

Many thanks, and kind regards,


M-S from California, USA


I'm sure you've heard this a thousand times by now, but in the last three days you've really changed my life with the guitar (and bass)

I think I got the packet from you 3 days ago. First day I just read through the comic, and fiddled with it on my nylon string. 2nd day I watched the video, and fiddled with it a bunch more.

Today was pretty amazing- just spent 2 solid hours improving non-stop. I just did it with a "G" backing track, but I was doing stuff that I wouldn't have even dreamed of, and I felt like I magically knew the whole entire fret board. There is still a ton of work to do, but I feel like I've been crawling my way toward the far distant land of guitar mastery, and you just handed me the keys to a Porsche.

Thanks again!

Bernie from Colorado, USA

I love your course. As an ear-trained, self-taught guitarist with a classical piano background, I have always looked at the fretboard the same way you do in PlaneTalk, except I'd never managed to integrate my bits & pieces of discovery into the whole picture that you've provided. Funny how the picture keeps getting *simpler* as your perspective gets more *advanced*. I always wished I could see the fretboard with the same clarity that I see the keyboard (That darn 2nd dimension! That darn 2nd string!).

Thanks for your help!


Rob from Missouri, USA

I've already read your book and watched the video. I've spent $100s if not a few $1000 over the years and never finished one and being more confused afterwards. I love the simplicity of your method. Now to try to put it to the fretboard think lm going to have fun with this.

Thank you Kirk

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