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David from Victoria, Australia
Hello Kirk, Thought I would drop you a line and let you know how much I'm enjoying the PT approach. I'm completely gob-smacked with what I've learned in such a short space of time. After years of messing around with the guitar, not really know what I was doing or why I was doing it, PT seems to have "turned on the lights".I am gaining an understanding of how and why things hang together and I'm hearing the results already. I'm looking forward to continuing to learn and improve. A great book/learning method. Thanks so much. Regards, David
Jesse from California, USA
I lost the first book and slide rule ...ordered it 4-5 years ago I think. I have been working on things with the dvd I still have, and never felt more musical. my initial attempts were "weak" and just not the right time for my focus. now making great progress...terrific approach you've put together. All the best, Jesse
RockABilly from Guitar for Beginners and Beyond Forum
I had Planetalk for a couple of weeks or so now. No gimmick, no tricks, no gizmo. Just an easy to understand way to see your fretboard. I've played guitar for years and learned quite a bit of theory. In fact, still learning theory, confusing as ever. Planetalk has organized it for me by showing me how to see my fretboard. So simple that I'm surprised that I didn't see it. I should've got Planetalk years ago but I thought it's just another learn the guitar gimmick like the others. It's not. It's the mindset worth learning. You won't have it any easier than this.
Melv from New Zealand
I think the best 2 things I have done in my life is to have laser treatment on my eyes and to have bought PlaneTalk as I think if I'd never brought PT I would of chucked my guitar away . Must be 10 years ago now . Thanks again, Kirk
Zap from PlaneTalkers' Forum
The whole PT idea is so spectacularly right, simple and wonderful that complicating it seems so wrong. It is truly a brilliant concept and has improved my understanding of guitar playing beyond all recognition. I just can't thank you enough!
Gary from California
Hi, I'm sure you've heard this many times before, but I just wanted to say that your way of organizing the fretboard is extremely useful. CAGED is nice & gives an overall pattern, but it has _none_ of the _detail_ that your concentration on those 3 shapes gives. Sort of ironic that _simplifying_ to 3 shapes in fact allows so much more detail! And just the fact that your shapes are repeated so many times & places on the fretboard made me realize how much in common there is both up & down as well as across the fretboard. It organizes the whole instrument wonderfully. And that's not even considering the ease of finding other chord types from those 3 shapes. Great organizational tool! Thanks a bunch, gary
Ian Gagorik from USA
Hello, the name is Ian and I have been playing guitar since I was in the 6th grade. I am now 22 years old and have quite a musical history. I have taken both guitar and piano lessons, taught guitar lessons (to earn extra $$ while in college), and have taken several musical theory courses at the University of Pittsburgh, my alma mater. For the past 6 years I have been honing my guitar skills and focused highly on improvisation, especially in live performances. For a long time I worked on coming up with my own 'theory' of improvisation, using all my acquired knowledge and experience. I could improvise very well, but I could not figure out what exactly it was that I was could call it following my ears, I guess. Then one day I stumbled upon your web site and wanted to see what it was you knew that I did not. I was amazed that I already knew all the concepts and theory that you describe, but never put it all together. You showed me exactly what I had been searching for. In the last few months my improvisation and playing have improved drastically, and at a time when I thought I knew everything. Just goes to show that you can never know it all. I wanted to thank you very much for putting it all down, and in such a fun & easy way. Sometimes I go back and reread Plane Talk and I continue to draw new ideas from its pages. Thanks again, and keep on pickin'!
BK from Usa
Kirk - Been reading your book PlaneTalk, studying the forum threads, and playing guitar a lot better (and with understanding!) for it. I always knew I had at least some innate ability, but I only seemed to learn through brute memorization and repetition. And if I got lost during a solo...forget it! Now I'm finally developing a 'sense of direction', and can pretty much find my way out and back home again. Thanks very much.
Bert from New York, USA
Kirk - I recently purchased your book Plane Talk (PDF format) and am currently making my second pass through it. Even on the first quick read-through, concepts that have eluded me all these years of playing were finally clarified. So thanks, I expect to get a lot out of it.
Pierre Emond from Canada
Hi Kirk, Thanks for sending the book so quickly. I've gone through it twice now and it's coming together. I never took any music lessons in school or anywhere else and don't have a natural affinity for it. I love it and dream of being able to do what my son can do ... listen to a song and play it almost immediately. You've opened my eyes! I'm not where I want to be yet, but thanks to you I can at least see the path. Take Care
Dave Marshall from USA
Kirk, Just got my PlaneTalk a couple of days ago and practically haven't put it down since, to which my wife will attest. Have been playing as a hobby for several years, learning songs and printing out tabs from the 'net but never really putting it together. I got to that point where I wanted to take it to the next level and your book helped me to understand the "big picture" very clearly and easily. Now its time to play and keep going! Do you really buy a seat for your guitar on the plane?
Mark Rodger from Australia
Kirk I'd just like to thank you for making available the lessons in Planetalk and particularly for making it so much fun. I purchased it a couple of days ago and have learned more since I got it than I have in years. My 5 year old daughter is keen to learn guitar and I was pondering how on earth I'd teach her. She might be a bit young for it yet, but when the time comes, I'll be placing my next order. I'm also looking forward to the video also. Thanks again & kind regards
Graham Russel from UK
Dear Kirk, your 'PlaneTalk' and slide rule arrived this morning, and was read for the first time by 5pm. I look forward to revisions! May I CONGRATULATE you, on this brilliant 'product'. Like the Shubb capo, ChickenShake, (and Bluetack for plectra retention!), you deserve a design award for service to musicians (Grammy?). As with Ralph Denyer's "Guitar Handbook", you have re-evolutionised this aspect of music theory.
Chuck from The US
Kirk, I was blown away by the information in your system. I have been playing for thirty years and I literally have learned more in the last weekend than I have since I began playing in 1972! Awesome. Thank You!
Chris from Seattle, Washington
I bought and downloaded your book on Thursday or Friday and already am loving it! You are right in that I knew something like this existed somewhere, the recognition of these related and moveable patterns. I saw it coming the first time I tuned my 6 strings to each other. It was obvious that something like your trick was there waiting for me...thanks.
Dan Greenland from PA, USA
An instructor friend of mine was used to watching me play everthing in first position or power chords. You should have seen the look on his face when I was suddenly playing variations all over the fretboard! Thanks Kirk! Your book is everything you say it is.
Robert from USA
Kirk, I've been playing guitar for "ahem" many years and I've got literally hundreds of theory and scale books/videos etc... Of course; being a huge book buyer I gave plane talk a try. I'd like to say that you've boiled "distilled"? tons of knowledge into one very simple but effective thing...the physical shapes! I kind of knew already what you taught in plane talk but I didn't go nearly far enough in my thinking...your book brought home the idea and made it "gel"... I play in a band and it's all about melody for the audience...I've learned that all the amazing licks in the world are not worth much to an audience but MELODY is everything...and your book helped me to play EFFECTIVE MELODIES and not get lost and go on "auto pilot"... Thanks again
Darrel Davis Gaithersburg from MD, USA
I've been playing guitar for 30 years but recently felt stagnant. My string mastery is good but I would like more ability to fluidly move about the fretboard in any type of music. Kirk's method allows me (still working through it) to move about the fretboard and 'see' the paths to accompany the chords. Extremely well thought out.
KD from USA
man.. no need for long words to explain about this book (teacher). Simply, amazing. Having problems with your soloing or improvisation? This Book Is For YOU! Thanks for your continuation of Hard Work! -KD
Debs from UK
Hi Kirk Plane Talk arrived safely last week I'd just like to add my praise to all the others! I don't think I have ever had anything explained so clearly, simply and yet thoroughly in all my life ... The fretboard always seemed a complete maze I could never understand how anyone could see a pattern, now I can see it myself after just a few days ... just wanted to thank you personally and to let you know I will be recommending it to all my musical friends.
Brian from UK
I've been playing my acoustic for a couple of years - had one bad experience with a guitar tutor, so consider myself purely self-taught. I always found it difficult to master the fretboard - such a large jumble of notes everywhere I looked. No pattern and very unforgiving. THEN, I bought PlaneTalk, the book and video. I've never looked back since. What a remarkable piece of literature and video technology this is. Kirk's method of conveying 'his trick' is an absolute gem. I have literally hundreds of tuitional books and videos and I can honestly say, with hand on heart, none of them even come close to opening up the fretboard like 'PlaneTalk'. My only regret is that I didn't obtain this magical formula two years ago. Still, I have it now and I keep it safe, knowing that it will serve me for the rest of my playing career. Well done Kirk.
Frank from Australia
Dear Kirk, I have been playing off and on for 30+ years and have bought countless method books and tapes.I feel that your book + video(must have both!) are the best and easiest to understand that I have ever seen.I am now beginning to understand and apply concepts I never truly understood before.I wish this were available when I was younger and had more time to practice.Thanks a million! Frank
Jorge Lazaro from Spain
Hi Kirk! Your book arrived...In a few words: You?ve changed my life, pal!!! Really, I knew it all as spare bits, but I couldn?t see through...Thanks, Kirk
Mike Andrews from USA
Kirk, I got your book in the mail today--in a word: FANTASTIC!!!! Kudos to you for such a well-thought-out, illustrated and produced book ... You are a wonderful teacher. Your writing is clear, your method is simply taught and your technique is so easy to understand...Any teacher could learn something about their skill by reading how you tackle such a lengthy, difficult subject in as many pages as you did ... Thank you for all of your correspondence and for sharing your knowledge ("the trick") with other guitarists!
Rocky Huber from USA
Hi Kirk, I just wanted to tell you that I wish I had this book years ago, when I first started playing guitar...While I did already know some of the material in your book, I had never put it together in my mind as clearly and concisely as you have... I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to be able to find their way around the fret board. You really did a great job.
Big Dog from USA
This is by far the best thing I have purchased since I bought my guitar. You will not find a better guitar resource around. This is functional guitar theory at its best and it is so easy.... Thanks Kirk!
Frank from USA
I have been playing off and on for 30+ years and have bought countless method books and tapes.I feel that your book + video(must have both!) are the best and easiest to understand that I have ever seen.I am now beginning to understand and apply concepts I never truly understood before.I wish this were available when I was younger and had more time to practice.Thanks a million!
Ben Preston from USA
I recently ordered your book Plane Talk from your web site. I have found it to be the best book I have ever read....It will definitely change the way play and learn forever. I will be recommending your book to all of my friends that play the guitar.
Jeff Meyer from Indiana, USA
Plane Talk has torn down my mental blocks of guitar playing by its lucid presentation of fretboard landmarks. Finally I have points of reference from which I can "stray from home" and come back again - confident of where and why I am at a particular place on the fretboard. The concepts from the book come alive in the must-have companion video. Thanks Kirk!
Michael R from Griffin, Georgia
I?m not sure just how I came upon your web site but I?m glad I did. What a truly refreshing approach to teaching, and for me, learning. I?ve been playing guitar for 35 years and I?ve tried several different books and videos to improve on what skills (as limited as they are) I have. It was stale and boring and at least for me very difficult to comprehend. I had relinquished myself to being content with the level of ability I had. After some reading on your web site I ordered and received your book, video etc. I now have the enthusiasm I had when I first began to learn guitar and just wanted to say thanks.?
Mark from The Acoustic Guitar Forum
I purchased Plane Talk about six months ago and have to say it is by far the best book I have come across. I do have Fretboard Logic, but I like Plane Talk much better. It is clearer an easy to follow. I have learned more from this book than all the other ones I have. Plus, the slide rule is a GREAT tool. Highly recommended!
Guitar Jim from The Acoustic Guitar Forum
Believe me, it is WITHOUT DOUBT the best general guitar instruction/theory book I have ever come across in my 36 years of guitar playing:The best by a long shot!!! WILL derive great benefit from Kirk's approach to music in this book. Buy it with confidence. I can't recommend it highly enough.


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