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This is the brand new PlaneTalk Online site. I have put together a ton of new content, 48 new pages, 36 new videos and many new graphics all designed to teach you in no uncertain terms the simple but all-powerful PlaneTalk mindset. You will also be able to read the original book, view the original DVD and use the online Guitar Slide Rule, gain access to the PlaneTalkers' Forum and the 20+ Bonus Lessons. And you gain immediate access! $74.95US


If you prefer a book you can hold in your hands, be quick! I have decided not to order a new print-run, so stocks are limited and they won't last long. You also get the DVD, Guitar Slide Rule, membership at the PlaneTalkers' Forum and the twenty or so Bonus Lessons, but you will have to wait for the mailman to learn the lesson and you will have to upgrade your account if later on you want to access the new PlaneTalk Online site. $99.95AU


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