January 2020

Last year I decided that I would not order a re-print of the physical book and that I would create a whole new PlaneTalk Online course. Postage fees are on the rise, delivery of mail in some countries is unreliable, DVDs are almost obsolete and it's time to go digital.

I shot 36 new videos and created new graphics to teach the same powerful lesson. All videos include a virtual fretboard showing the action in graphic form and all are accompanied by voice-over commentary. When I run out of the tangible books, I will only sell this new version. For now, I'm keeping it low key.

I have scanned the original book and turned the DVD into streaming video. The 'Guitar Slide Rule' has been digitized, works in exactly the same way as the original, so you will still get the original extremely user-friendly comic strip lesson on top of the totally new video content.

What you get
  • The original Book (scanned)
  • The original DVD (streaming video)
  • The Slide Rule (digitized)
  • The 20 'Bonus Lessons'
  • Lifetime access to the discussion Forum where you interact with me and other members.
  • 36 new videos
  • 36 pages with written commentary

The tangible package takes a couple of weeks to get to your hands, now you can start learning this huge lesson right away.


The tangible package price included the printing and dvd costs plus postage and handling. You don't need to pay for that now.


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