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  1. There is a new (as of mid 2019) version of the same course which I call 'PlaneTalk Online'. The original book is there in digital format, so is the 'slide rule' and the original DVD in streaming video format. But there is also a whole new section that teaches the PlaneTalk mindset in a series of 36 videos. Plus you get the discussion forum and the 20-odd PlaneTalker Lessons that come with the package. A whole lot for your $74 and the best thing is, you gain instant access. Simply order and come back here to login with the username/password you will will chosen. ORDER HERE
  2. If you have purchased the online version and are wondering why you never got a notification it's probably because it went to your spam folder. In any case, all you need to do is sign in (upper right hand corner of this page) with the username/password you chose when registering. Easy, enjoy the 'easiest yet most powerful guitar lesson you will ever learn'! Kirk
  3. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT I NO LONGER SELL THE TANGIBLE HOLD-IT-IN-YOUR-HANDS BOOK AND DVD. PLANETALK IS NOW 100% ONLINE. YOU STILL GET THE BOOK/DVD/SLIDE RULE IN DIGITAL FORMAT PLUS A NEW 36-VIDEO COURSE TEACHING THE SAME POWERFUL LESSON. YOU GET IMMEDIATE ACCESS NOW. ORDER IT HERE. Who is it for? I wrote PlaneTalk for all those players who have a good understanding of the basics: they know the basic chord shapes, understand how barre chords work; players who can pick out a melody line and play scales; players who may have started to dabble in the art of improvisation ... players
  4. Added a bunch of PT lessons, new and old, to the site. Look for the PlaneTalker Lessons link top of each page.

  5. If you ordered the original tangible PlaneTalk package, and you wish to register to access the bonus lessons and the Private Members Only forum, please email me: Your real name Your preferred username Your zip/postal code. (where I sent the package). Once I get all that, I will set up your account and you will receive a notification. You can email me here. Thanks!
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