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  1. Chris where are you from I'm from Australia. How's the guitar going.

    1. chrishill



      I am from Northern California, U.S.

    2. kelvin


      Chris I see you have been a member for a long time now, I'm only getting started with this course is it as good as it seems. I started learning triads about three months ago on strings 1,2,3 and 2,3,4 until I found this site your opinion would be appreciated. By the way your weather would be the same as in Coffs Harbour NSW ……… BEAUTIFUL cheers.

    3. chrishill


      Well, I have bought dozens, more likely hundreds of books and videos and website subscriptions as well as attended some university for learning guitar and I do think that this is the most straight forward and direct path into improvising.  I had studied triads pretty extensively before purchasing Plane Talk, and was already approaching improvising thinking in and around chords instead of scales.  I found Plane Talk when searching online for courses on soloing with triads or chord tones, mostly because I wanted to see if anybody else was doing it and if it was working for them, also to help me do it better.  Now it obviously works for Kirk- watch his Red Strat Blues video in the Plane Talker lessons above- and for many other people on the forum.  Personally, even with the information, I still struggle to play freely and I've been playing for quite a long time.  For me, at least this far, my ears don't make the connections that my hands and eyes do.  So I can play pretty decent stuff, but it never feels free or inspired because the ideas are coming from my eyes and hands and I can't seem to get my ears to participate to where I am playing what I hear, instead of just hearing what I play.  I hope this doesn't discourage you, as I said before many members here have great testimonies and have even posted improvisations to show their improvement.  Kirk is great at responding to questions here on the forum, sometimes it takes a few days, but he usually will reply.  The point he makes over and over is that the shapes are a map, guide posts that remain constant with each other and change positions with each chord change.  The shapes are all the same bit of material (5-1-3 triads) just on different string sets, what you play with one you can play with the others.  Everything you play can be analyzed in relation to these three shapes.  


      Good luck, and good progress. 

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