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  4. I ought to have joined the forum before, but better late than never of course!


    Born in Townsville in 1947, my family came to England in 1960. I have lived in  Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, since 1972. I played in a band at school and still have the 1961 cherry red Hofner Verithin I used then. Looking back I was probably more interested in trying to write some songs than practising rhythm guitar, but had a rudimentary knowledge of chords by the time I went to University in 1965. The Verithin went with me of course.


    After 2000 I was contemplating retirement with trepidation until I had the guitar setup and started playing again. I used Guitar Pro to get a few songs down that had been bouncing around in my head for years. These were then transferred into a DAW with Cakewalk's Sonar installed. There has been a steady stream of new songs ever since and eventually I  plucked up enough courage to perform them  at open mic nights.


    The guitar playing has steadily improved and Kirk's system has also helped with the songwriting. They say you can never have too many guitars, but I have made up for only ever having the one.  



  5. hello world, good to be onboard with you all. thankyou very much !

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