A few testimonials
A fresh and new approach to helping young and old to have a more complete understanding of music and the guitar. Well done, Kirk.

Tommy Emmanuel, CGP
I did my first read-through of Plane Talk and watched the video last night. Super stuff - I am very impressed. Years ago I used to claim to my AI students that intelligence was the ability to see differences where others see sameness and to see sameness where others see differences - that puts you off the scale in music IQ, I reckon. ;-)

Aigeezer (PlaneTalkers' Forum)
Oh Kirk this is good, sooooooooooooooooooooooooo good its unbelievable. Not going to watch the dvd for a week going to let my mind ponder with the info in the book. I just keep thinking about this its great, every 2 seconds it becomes more more clear that this is the way to think about the guitar layout. ... Thanx for a great product

Johnboy10 (PlaneTalkers' Forum)
Just wanted to write and say a big thanks for Planetalk. For years I've been fruitlessly searching for a way to link together the little pockets of guitar knowledge that I've been plugging away at - and you have provided that link through Planetalk. ... So thanks again, and hats off to you!

gogogoch (PlaneTalkers' Forum )
Kirk, First of all: AMAZING. That word sums it up!!! I've been playing for 20 years and even though I play well it has never made any real sense (all of my compositions have come out almost "accidentally" and they all seemed like scales on steroids!!!). Now, it's like writing lyrics, I know the letters AND how to use them to write words. Obviously it takes time and practice to get the hang of it (it wouldn't work if it didn't!!!!) but after two reads and watching the DVD I understand the potential. WOW!!! THANK YOU FOR SHARING!!!!

cfzinser (PlaneTalkers' Forum)
This is truly a game changer for me and I can't say THANKS enough!!!

Luis from London, UK
I've just finished watching you dvd ... I am indebted to you. You are the first person to give me just exactly what I've been searching for! I am extremely grateful to you. The quality of the book is outstanding and your method or 'trick' is just perfect. Thank you so much for sharing your very special gift. I can now stop beating myself up for my failure to find out how to improvise.

Alan S from UK
Kirk, I do want to express my heartfelt thanks for the amazing work you did on these instructional materials. I have been playing guitar (sort--of) for 40 years but never could demystify the neck until now and I took 10 years of piano lessons as a child and know lots of music theory ... I have only had the material a few weeks and have made more progress on the guitar than the past 40 years combined!

Dan from Florida, USA
Some 45 years after learning to play guitar, I found Plane Talk and it changed everything. Kirk's simple, entertaining book and instructive DVD opened up a whole new way for me to think about and play the guitar that I wouldn't have found on my own.

Dave Berman from Nebraska, USA
Man.. no need for long words to explain about this book (teacher). Simply, amazing. Having problems with your soloing or improvisation? This Book Is For YOU! Thanks for your continuation of Hard Work! -KD

KD from USA
The whole PT idea is so spectacularly right, simple and wonderful that complicating it seems so wrong. It is truly a brilliant concept and has improved my understanding of guitar playing beyond all recognition. I just can't thank you enough!

Zap (PlaneTalkers' Forum)
I have had PT for about two weeks now and can safely say it is the best thing I have ever purchased.

Knight46 (PlaneTalkers' Forum)
I've been nose to the grindstone with Planetalk. It is THE missing link for me. Patterns I've used for soloing these past 37 years are now completely altered and express what I hear in me head so much more. I am eager to jump into the site and participate in the forum... right now, I'm still trying to take a sip from a fire hydrant! Thanks so very much Kirk. Life itself is better now!

Kyle (PlaneTalkers' Forum)
Hi Kirk, I received your Plane Talk book, dvd and slide rule. After watching the dvd and using the slide rule, the guitar fretboard is finally making sense to me! ... I have never heard anyone explain the fretboard like you do in this course. It really makes understanding the fretboard easy. Thanks very much!

Esko (Toronto, Canada)
I just wanted to complement you on your usefulness practicality of plane talk. Having played guitar for a good while..ive been through the modes/scales and various caged minicourses..I should have found yours first...cuts to the meat of the matter...your slide rule will stay in my guitar case.....you need to make a permanent version (hard plastic) as I will wear this out!

Bert (USA)
After going through PlaneTalk a couple of times I am quite frankly amazed at how simple it makes things. It does not teach you to play guitar as such BUT it EMPOWERS you to learn (with hard work), to teach yourself play any kind of music you like. It breaks all music down to its simplest form, the lowest common denominator; which to me is the way to solve any problem. I honestly believe that I'll never have to spend any more money on guitar instructional material again (I'm not a big fan of having lessons) because anything I want to learn how to do is right there in front of me, plain to see. Now all I need to do is practice. Thanks Kirk.

Jaimie (PlaneTalkers' Forum)
I finally got my copy of PlaneTalk (+ DVD) on Saturday, along with the Slide DVD and the Brass slide. No light bulbs went off as I began reading PlaneTalk - it was more like the 4th of July with each successive page!!! Like many of you here, I clearly knew about all of these elements, but I just didn't see how it all fit together and what it really meant. I am so blown away, I can hardly think about anything else. This knowledge has breathed new life into my guitar playing like no other other musical information I've come across. I've been stuck at a minor Pentatonic plateau for years, trying to break through the Blues box shapes that have guided (and limited) my playing since the mid 60s. Now I finally feel that I can begin improvising melodically from my heart/soul, instead of just patching together a sequence of safe riffs, and not really knowing what I was doing musically. Kirk, I can't thank you enough for sharing this with all of us. I am forever in your debt. You will definitely be getting a credit on my CD, whenever it finally comes out (now I really feel inspired to finish it!).

"Macaroni" (PlaneTalkers' Forum)
I'm absolutely thrilled with the product- in two weeks I've learned as valuable an approach to studying the guitar as I have playing it over the past 11 years.
Everyone should learn to play this way. Thanks very much and kudos on a great product. Best,

Mike from New Jersey, USA