My name is Kirk Lorange. I've been playing guitar since 1961. I'm Canadian but I moved to Australia in 1974, so unless you're from down here, you probably haven't heard of me. I was one of Sydney's busiest session guitarists in the late 70s, 80s and 90s before I moved north to a place called Tamborine Mountain. 

I play in bands, I've written sound tracks, I've played on scores of Australian album tracks, hundreds of TV jingles and I teach. 

I run another site called with tons of free content, including dozens of fingerstyle video lessons.

I make and market my own custom brass slides (I'm an avid fan of slide guitar). I sell them, and a 'How to play Slide DVD', from my other other site

In 1983, I released an album of my original songs called 'Kirk Lorange - No Apostrophe', my only brush with the 'record industry'. It's still available.

I wrote and illustrated PlaneTalk in 1993 and have been self publishing ever since.

My personal site is 

If you want to hear my music, the best place to go is my YouTube channel.